Frequently Asked Questions

General info and tips & tricks to help you get the most out of our products


Compatible Controllers

Auber (RDK-200 and RDK-300)
Disorderly conduction Peli nails
Dab Ninja
Divine Tribe
Max Vapors
Hedi Nail
RCC Tools controllers
Pulsar Elite Series Mini
Green light vapes
Shatter box

Non-Compatible Controllers

Mini Nail
710 Life

Pin Layout

Pin 1: AC Load
Pin 2: AC Neutral
Pin 3: TC+
Pin 4: TC-
Pin 5: Ground

If you do not see your controller on the list and are unsure it will work please feel free to ask us for a test coil. We are happy to send out test coils free of charge to pontential customers who are willing to test one on their controller.

Adjusting your coils

How to adjust your axial coil

Depending where your coil is snug at you will be twisting the coil clockwise or counterclockwise with your hand gently.

If your coil is snug on the top 3 wraps then you will hold the coil with the arm at the top and grasp with your hand, then twist coil clockwise to loosen and counterclockwise to tighten.

If it is snug on the bottom three wraps fits you will then need a pair of needle nose pliers or a leatherman type tool ready. To adjust the coils you will want to flip it over so the arm is on the bottom. You will take the nose of the pliers and stick it through the bottom hole in the coil. Then grasp the coil in your hand and again twist clockwise to loosen and counterclockwise to tighten it.

The banger should be able to slip in and out of the coils easily, but should keep a nice flush fit with the coil sides as well. If you have any questions or concerns about fitting your bangers please do not hesitate to contact our customer support email. We are always more than happy to help in any way we can.

Temperature Ranges

How to identify your preferred temp ranges

I think of temp as something like a campfire. We all might put our food in different spots for different reasons, but in the end we all get our food cooked the way we prefer (hopefully). Some like it a little on the warmer side for faster results where others like that slow and low. The best temp range to use is usually best determined by the type of material you are using. Just like how cooking temps usually depend on what meat you are using. Waxes and lighter concentrates generally prefer a little less heat, where as more stable concentrates like THCA crystals or shatters will generally need a little more heat. Ultimately though much of temperature choice simply comes down to personal taste and one should always keep this in mind. That being said, there are several factors to consider when thinking about ideals temps that we have outlined below for your convenience.

Dab Rig being used: consider the rig you are using and how much drag and air agitation it does. Less agitation and airflow can help increase the flavor and vapor production and also help to lower your temps

Carb cap you are using:
consider how restrictive or nonrestrictive the cap you are using is to the airflow. More restriction means lower temps and thicker vapor production (typically).

Type of Concentrate being used:
consider what type of concentrate you are using. Wax and lighter types concentrate will vaporize faster at lower temps than more stable THCA crystals or Sugar type concentrates will. So depending on the concentrate type the temp can make or break the flavor.

Type of banger you are using:
consider the size and type of banger you are using. 25 or 30 and clear or opaque. The 30mm will always vaporize more material at a lower temp than the 25 since it has more surface area. However, this can sometimes be too much for some that want a bit less vapor production when dabbing. As for clear vs. opaque bottom. The opaque bottom bangers disperse heat more evenly across their surface, but tend to get dirtier faster due to the nature of the quartz used. The clear bottoms tend to handle dirty material a little better. One is not necessarily better than the other though, most of the choice in respect to clear vs. opaque simply comes down to personal taste.

Fit of the coil
: consider the fit of your coil and how good it is. This is beyond critical as the looser the coil to the banger is the harder it is to get those lower temps that we all see people calling out. The banger should fit snug into the coil, but still be able to pull out freely. Refer to the previous section on coils fitting for more info.

Type of controller used
: always consider the heat controller you are using. All controllers are not created equal. Some will run a bit higher than others and some will hold more stable. When dealing with your controller just feel it out, it all ends up going back to preference. What temp tastes and feels the best on the controller you use may be higher or lower than somebody else’s just because the controllers are set up different.

Cleaning Bangers

There are many ways to clean bangers. However, we suggest the following method as we have found it to be the least abusive ways possible and will keep your bangers looking like new!!!

For our method you will need four things:

  1. A Candle/Mug warmer
  2. A Glass jar or bowl that is deep enough to submerge the bangers in and also fits on top of the warmer easily.
  3. A loose lid to cover the bowl or jar so it doesn't evaporate while it's being heated
  4. Simple Green concentrate (you can get it from most hardware and home goods stores, but make sure it is the concentrate and not the pre-diluted mix)

Once you have all of the above you should place you bangers carefully into the dish, submerge them in Simple Green concentrate completely, then place the lid on the jar and the jar on the mug warmer. Turn on the mug warmer (if it has multiple settings use the lowest one). Now let your bangers “cook” for about 4 to 6 hours before removing them from the bath. After removing the bangers wash them out thoroughly in the sink and set to air dry. If the bangers still look dirty at all after this simply repeat the process.

Feel free to reuse the Simple Green concentrate for multiple cleanings. However, it is usually best to replace the Simple Green concentrate after about 6 to 8 cleanings.

Cold start tech when torching

For amazing flavor, saves butane, less chance in chazzing your banger and quick heat up and cool down times also it puts less heat to your banger and will make it last longer. Follow these steps:

  • Load your dab into a cold clean banger, if it is not clean you will burn the residue leftover from the previous dab or it will chazz when heating
  • Make sure the majority of the dab is on the bottom of the bucket
  • Place your carb cap on the banger (if you want to hold more heat now, you can also heat without the cap and pace it on later)
  • Heat the banger evenly on the bottom and edges till you see the dab start to melt… approximately 10-20 seconds of heat depending on your preferred style hit and how big of dab it will be. Keep on the shorter heat up time for low temp and on the higher side for a warmer (do not hold the torch in one place heat the banger evenly).
  • Place the cap on the banger (if you didn’t previously)
  • Enjoy your dab!

If you want to reheat it’s just for approximately 5 seconds depending on your desired hit.

Adjusting your Auber RDK-300 to support a 150 watt coil

To adjust Auber RDK-300 controller for any 150watt coil. Hold down the knob for 5 seconds, the small power indicator light will start blinking. Turn the knob clockwise and scroll to 166 that is the access code(if you overshoot turn the knob counterclockwise to go down) then push the knob down once and you will come to P-125, press the knob again to get to I-60, and press again to D-10, press the knob once more and you will come to OTH-40, This is the setting you will want to change from 40 to 67 for all 150watt coils. Press the knob one more time for auto shut off and set to desired minutes and then press the knob one final time to exit.